Saturday, July 14, 2012

Party Goin' On 'Round Here

Dinner party at the house tonight, so I will be cooking most of the day.  And finishing up the cleaning I have left, like the last minute things.

My menu:

Marinara Sauce with Fresina Linguine
My Wonderful Meatballs put up three days ago
Frank's Fabulous Salad
A beautiful bread I baked yesterday


Margaret's Homemade Cupcakes served with Caramel Macchiatos

Did you know that the seagoing Neapolitan invented Marinara Sauce?  The Spanish had introduced tomatoes into the Mediterranean area.  The high acid content of the sauce made it ideal to take on a lengthy sea voyage.

The Spanish had found it in South America and Mexico but back then it was a small yellow fruit similar to our cherry tomatoes today.  The poor taste and lack of sugar in the tomatoes today are blamed on the cross breeding to make the fruit red and attractive.

I sometimes buy the yellow tomatoes from the Farmer's Market and they do seem to be sweeter but they are meatier as well.


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