Sunday, July 8, 2012

This Is DiNozzo's New Thing......and a Stash Report

I am reading the paper this morning and I hear sounds I am not familiar with.  Since DiNozzo came to us, we investigate all these occurrences.  You never know what he has in his mouth next.

This is what I see.  My Mother's Day Present the Zero Gravity Chair.  He used to get up there and and try to eat the pillow part.  Luckily it is attached to the chair.  This time, rather he meant to or not, he just stared at me staring at him, and lay down.

I want to do my Paint Chip Challenge as a Quilt As You Go.  Anyone have a good tutorial?  The blocks are so big and it needs some specific quilting, I think that is the way to do it.

My stash report this week is paltry.  Nothing used and nothing bought.  A record I think!  I am about 10 yards over but I keep saying, once I get those lizards off the long arm, I can put on about 5 quilts in July and get those done.  I can count the backs as outgoing!  Yes.  That will eat up some yardages!

used this week 0
used in july 0
added this week 0
Add in July 0
Used YTD -95.25
Added YTD 105.18
Stash reduction 9.93

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  1. I have to laugh, cause your profile says you are a dog trainer! Maybe dinozzo didn't read that part yet! Gotta love him.


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