Saturday, July 7, 2012

Quilt Your Quilt Tops Challenge in June

Well, the results are in.  There were 8 people and we all got a lot of work done.  But the one with the most work done is........

Patty the Quilt Lady of Ohio.  You can find her finishes listed here in the June Review post on her blog.  I am so impressed with her, she seems to do a project and finish it up before she starts on the next one.  I have to say she is quickly becoming my Quilting Idol Princess because she is at Finish 18 for the year!

I have a nice prize for you, can you send me your snail mail addy again?

LOL.  No, I won't send the babies to you.  Even though I would like to sometimes.  I cleaned out some books and I have one of my pins made specially for you! Don't you just love that creamer? These are my experimental pins.  I have figured it out through trial and (lots of ) error and will have some of them available in various places soon.  But aren't they cool?

Can you imagine that!  EIGHTEEN finishes so far!  I am telling you, she needs to bump it up and and so she can hit FIFTY by December 31st!

Just kidding, she really does amazing things.  Large and small, she is as "unruly" a quilter as I am!

Thanks to  (in no particular order) Rhonda, Cindy Pammy, DivaStitcher, JoAN, and any others who played along.  We totaled 22 quilt tops finished in June.

What a fun way to spur each other on.  Next time you have to be more vocal let people know you are out there playing along.  Everyone is so SHY!


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  1. Rmember when Forest Gump was running by the barbershop and one man turned around and said "That boy is a running fool!" Well, I am a quilting fool! I don't know what I would do with myself if I didn't quilt! Patty the quilt lady from Ohio.


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