Friday, July 6, 2012

Two Days of Fun With Friends

Charlene came in yesterday and we played with fabric for a while at the house. Then off to a River City Guild Meeting and dinner with some quilty friends at La Madelaine's.

Then this morning I cheered her on to the finish of the Halloween Duffle Bag.

Check out the inside of the bag!  Those eyes just stare right though you!  LOL.

Then Frank took us and Carrie to lunch for some fabulous Shrimp PoBoys.

I did actually get some work done.  The Elephants of Sri Lanka is now completed to the top stage.  I will quilt it on my regular sewing machine, it has a 9 inch throat so I can get a lot of quilt under there.  I want to do a close echo quilt style around each Ellie individually.  And some Morrocan Tiles in the between spaces.  I am expecting it to be in that quilting stage for a while.  Sorry it wouldn't shift for me.  DiNozzo must have been too heavy for it.  (Oh, my.  I just noticed what he is doing!)

I also finished.........let's hear a CHEER for .........  Amber's Quilt!

My camera died before I could get a picture of Amber's BQ Quilt so that will have to wait for tomorrow.

 But I do have a nice picture of the completed baby quilt.  Not my best and greatest quilt, but cute for some baby who loves duckies!  It will go in the stack to be some point this year!

Now I am off to have a birthday party for Ann........


  1. I absolutely love the elephant quilt! The colors are so fabulous, and the elephants have such great personalities. What a fantastic quilt!

  2. That elephant quilt is just wonderful! (and I hope DiNozzo got that itch...)

  3. Love the Elephants. Great quilt.


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