Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10:15 Pm Tuesday night

We ate dinner, chinese rice and chicken, and baked brownies.  Watched some TV waiting for the Republican Convention to come on.  Just before Ann Romney spoke we walked the dogs for 1/2 mile around the block.

Still no rain.  The sprinkles earlier were just that.  Every time I look at the radar, I see we are on the edge.  We are still on the edge of the circulation.  I think our wind is still at 25 mph.  Baton Rouge is in that blue right on the edge of the yellow/red.

Ann Romney spoke, Chris Christie spoke, and Hugeaux is getting a bit more upset, so I am thinking the storm is close in dog terms.  I gave him some Rescue Remedy to help his nerves.  The walk helped some of the energy but he still is worried.

I sewed several more Paperweights and rearranged the design wall to be laid out like they need to be.  They will change location and I may continue adding more and make it larger, who knows how long the electricity will hold out!  I think it needed to rotate and did not.  The bright green should be in the left top position.  Just go ahead and imagine it! LOL.  I need more red, I can see that.  More red will do fine.

Charlene and I texted well wishes, safe night to each other.  Ann and I spoke earlier, her mom is settled in and she is home. Carrie checked on her dog, my cousin in Destrehan is settled in with beer and bread and toilet paper, all the essentials.

We wait now.  When I look at the clouds in the sky they appear to be racing faster than I have ever seen them move.  And still we wait.  That is the hard part for me, the waiting.

You can feel the air is just different.  The weather people are huddled in New Orleans where it has been raining all night and most of the afternoon.  They are having a hard time standing up in the wind so I think it is in the 60 mph gusts.

I am heading in to take a bath, Frank will follow.  Afterwards I may go out and see the weather for you and see if I can video some of the trees.


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  1. Reading your posts about preparing for Issac is interesting. I have been in blizzards and near tornadoes, but never had to prepare or just didn't think about doing much prep work. Most of the time blizzards and tornadoes don't threaten you for a long period of time like a hurricane. Sounds like you a prepared and I will be thinking about you and Frank getting thru this storm unscathed.


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