Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Pumpkins On Whom I Will Work Today

An update on Jimmy, the dog dumped so viciously at CAAWS on Saturday:  The man has been arrested in the wee hours of the morning on an anonymous tip.  He admitted to tossing the dog over the fence.

So another set of court dates, I may have to get a monthly pass for the parking lot downtown!  Jimmy is being vetted tomorrow and may be up for taking adoption applications on Saturday.  I am thinking that there will be many people looking to adopt him and we may end up having a lottery between several qualified homes.

Today, I will put the final two borders on the pumpkin quilt and then put it away for  quilting.  I did work on ripping out some of the lizard quilting on the quilt on my frame.  Tension issues necessitate ripping of 3 rows.  So far I have only one row taken out.  And I will say this, it goes in a LOT faster than it comes out!

I will do some more on that, my hummingbird or work on Paperweights.  I need to make or buy a template with which to cut the pieces.  I still think I have something around here that will work.  Does anyone have a "kite" ruler?  It acutally looks like a tiny kite you fly in the sky.

LOL.  When I say "with which" I always chuckle.  One time, many years ago, I worked at one of those proprietary schools, where they accept Pell Grants and not care whether peope come or not.  I had much more education than any of the other teachers and had fun with my students.  One day, one of the other instructors told me, meaning to be negative, that I was the only person she knew who could use who and whom correctly!  LOL.  I still chuckle at that!


  1. You were on the morning news on WWL radio in New Orleans this morning. Glad to hear they caught the guy.

  2. What a handsome boy! He reminds me of Jimmy Durante for some reason - " good night Mrs. Calabash wherever you are!" (I may be the only person old enough to even know who he is though) I kid around with some people when they meet Abbey cause she looks just like Lassie about looking for Timmy in the well and young folks look at me like I'm nuts! Oh well :-)


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