Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Already A Strange Day -

Today was supposed to be the new boy's neuter but when Frank left at 5:30 AM he fed him.  McGee still has his physical today, I know he needs ear meds.  And a heartworm check.  If he is negative, he goes to the northeast.  If positive, we have to deal with that.

Then, since Frank was gone, I got to walk all three of them myself.  I swear, if you would have had a camera you would have won the $100,000 prize.  It must have looked so funny.

Chloe drags along behind.  DiNozzo rushes out front.  McGee hangs under my feet.  But they constantly switch sides.  leashes tangle and my ankles are shackled tightly.

Chloe decided to potty and I can't get the boys to back up the three inches so I can pick it up.  I heave the leashes and they are dead weight.  Not budging.  Finally I get in range and now I have a poop bag to carry with everything else.

I threaten Chloe if she doesn't start moving with the pack.  She says no way, she is the queen now, and she throws herself down in the grass.  DiNozzo finds an old paper towel and begins to devour it.  McGee circles happily around my legs and shackles my ankles again.

The guy who likes bassets rides by on his bike.  All forward motion stops.  Chloe throws herself down and refuses to budge until he is completely out of sight, you never know when he will come back and tell her hello.  DiNozzo finishes his paper towel.  McGee circles Chloe so she looks like a roped calf at a rodeo race.

We untangle each other and make it home.  I am not sure how.

And we only went two houses down.



  1. Well at least grand dog wasn't there too!

  2. What a visual!! Too funny! Sorry to laugh at your plight but I understand-hope an afternoon walk is less harrowing!

  3. sounds like a 3 stooges episode - what a hoot!
    I keep telling my dogs that "I AM THE PACK LEADER!" but they just look at me and laugh, sounds like the same going on in your pack;-)

  4. I am exausted just reading about this so called walk! Apparently they don't understand you need for them to walk as a team.

  5. We have 3 dogs that I frequently take out walking by myself so I understand what you mean about the constant crossing and tangling of the leashes. I have a hard enough time with my little dogs. I can't imagine those great big bassets! That must have been a sight!

  6. Oh man glen--the visual has me chuckling!


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