Tuesday, September 11, 2012

McGee, Veggies and Photo Quilts

Some disturbing news from the vet, McGee is heartworm positive.  We usually do what is called the slow kill method; basically just giving ivermectin dosages each month and at the end of 1 - 2 years the dog should be free of heartworms.  But the fast kill method would take about 60 days and we could certify that he was given the treatment and hope the rescue will take him then.

Either way, it seems he is to be with me for a while.  And you know what that means.  I don't' know that I could give him up in December or January.  You can see I am not a good foster home.  Really.

He is so comfortable with his crate and bed that he actually goes in there and sleeps.  We have only used a crate for one dog, DiNozzo.  So this is new to me.  All the Swissys and the Setters were actually GOOD dogs.  McGee is totally housebroken and does not seem to be the counter surfer that DiNozzo is, yet.

But I did get two new quilt books.  And they reflect my thoughts and ideas as I am evolving into a new style of quilting.   I really have to let the box of UFOs go and just see them as margin works.  The new work needs to be fresh and wonderful and exciting.

Hence the new books.

The veggies are something I have wanted to do for a long long long time but was bogged down in all the other unfinished stuff.  I have been reading Ruth McDowell's technique and I can see a series.  Yes, a series of work in vegetables!  I need a catchy name now.  Any ideas?

And the photo book is incredible.  Susan Brubacker Knapp's methodology makes the journey from idea to photo to quilted piece incredibly easy.

I am so ready to get rid of this tension and anxiety and pressure in my life and do this wonderful quilting.  I would like to team up and do some really interesting work.

glen:  and just live with my dogs.  Quilts and Dogs, that's all.

PS.....and Frank, he has to work to keep us in doggy treats and quilt books.


  1. sorry to hear McGee has heart worms - we had a dog years ago that had them and we just could not get rid of them and he eventually died - I know the medication is so much more improved now as my daughter has a dog that had them at one time and he is A OK now!
    You will get attached having McGee in the house for 2 months or more - good luck in detaching yourself!

  2. Looks like destiny has bassetts not swissies in your future. As much as I know he has a fantastic home with you, Chloe, DiNosso, and Frank, I wish he could be on a train to a forever home. But on the bright side, now I have a walking companion when I come.

  3. It seems like McGee is living up to his name and is a smart, well-behaved boy. He's lucky to have you, especially given his diagnosis. I have no doubt that he is in great hands.

    As for a name for your vegetable series, is "Veggie Tales" too obvious?

  4. Quilts and dogs - sounds like the perfect life to me;-)


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