Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to Cleaning Up the Old Quilting Room

Whew!  That was a bit of an ordeal.  Nothing I do is ever easy.  Beverly Greenwood pleaded (or pled which ever you prefer, blogger spell checked pled for me as incorrect, actually either is correct)  guilty and was sentenced to the same thing her mother, Jean Norton, was given, 6 months in jail (suspended sentence), $500 restitution to CAAWS, and probation for 18 months during which she is not allowed to have animals or care for animals.  This will be a permanent conviction on both records.  Next month we go BACK to court to once again show that Norton and presumably now Greenwood are not complying with the court order to not have animals on the property.  We shall see.

In other news.............

I am once again working on clearing up my quilting table.  I have used so much of the fabrics brought in from my mom's move to the nursing home and Pat's death that I have moved out multiple boxes from the foyer and the middle of my room.  Better, but not great yet.

I am moving fabrics to the shelving as I have space.  If I can continuously work on the UFOs and the new stuff I have started, I will be opening up some nice yardage spaces in the shelves.  And in the process, be able to update my stash of fabrics with the more modern fabrics.  It is tiring trying to work in outdated fabrics and have the overwhelming feeling of too much stuff.

My Paperweights are still where we left them last week, the hurricane and the ER and the court dates have taken so much time.  And energy I do not have.  Carrie is not sure she likes the paperweights, saying they are too busy.  Maybe a darker background would have been better, but I kinda like them like this.  I am not used to working in such random and unrelated color and pattern.  It is a learning experience for me.  Wow.  Learning to let go of tradition.  Learning to not have to use super-coordinating fabrics all the time.  Learning to fly free of bounds and shackles........well, that might be a bit overboard, but you know what I mean.  Sometimes it feels like bounds and shackles!

Today, Hugeaux is visiting, but he will go home before tonight.  He needed some running around time and an energy release.  Carrie is taking Master Gardener classes so he is so alone if Andrew is out  as well.  So he gets to visit with Grandma!  Right now he lies, exhausted, at my feet in the quilt room.

I have a Karen Stone Class this weekend.  I am loving her.  She will add to my "freeing from bounds and shackles" determination.



  1. Glenda
    I love the paperweight quilt,

    Patti J.

  2. I think the dog dumpers should have mental counseling, they must have a mental problem and could use some help. A $500 fine isn't going to do squat what a joke :-(
    On a happier note, I googled Karen stone and her quilts are amazing! She does busy. And manages to not look busy - they work somehow. Hopefully she will teach you that. Then you can tell me because I need help in that area also.You don't have the paperweights together yet so I'll bet after her class you will reArrange the whole thing, having a new perspective. Be sure to give us a full report on the class. You deserve some quilty fun.

  3. Greenwood has been doing this for years - a group of us have been tracking her since mid-1999 when she lived in Ovett, Ms - this won't stop her. see


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