Wednesday, September 5, 2012

CHristmas UFO to a Loving Home

I actually put a Christmas UFO from about 5 years ago on the frame.  The stars that were on the panto table already seemed perfect when done in a nice Christmas-sy Tomato Red thread.  It was originally going to be the backing of another Christmas quilt I was making.  But I liked it so much I wanted it to live free on its own!

And I am using up the ends of the batting from the last two quilts.  That means another large yardage usage for the back and two pieces of extraneous batting that will be used up.

I am getting there!  And I think I will send this Christmas Quilt to my doggy friend Natalie in Texas!  Yes.  She will love it!

So it already has a nice loving home.  She is a wonderful artist who works in clay.  She does amazing stuff.  Maybe she will share some of her work with us one day.

This is the completed top, just needing binding.  It went so fast, I finished it in one afternoon.  It is about 68 by 68 inches.  I have to choose that soon and get it rolling.  The back is a pieced conglomeration of the large Christmas fabric pieces I had.  All my Christmas fabric is contained in a plastic shoe box, so nothing is really large.  I love these dogs, they almost look like my beloved Swissys, just needing a little brown on them.

I wonder if I should email Natalie and send her the link to this post, or just let her be surprised when a box arrives at her doorstep!  I think I will surprise her!  I would LOVE to be surprises thusly!

My foot is on the trees on the back of the Christmas Quilt.  LOL.  I didn't realize my foot looked so sexy!  And I don't even have on my sexy shoes!  Oh La La!  I will have to show you the sexy sandals.  They are truly incredible.  I can't imagine what will happen when they fall apart.  This is the second summer I have worn them.  Did I say they are incredibly sexy?



  1. What a nice gift! Its not the shoes but those painted toes that make the men howl
    (or are those the dogs I hear?)

  2. Another UFO done - good job! I am sure your friend will be thrilled to receive this!


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