Saturday, September 15, 2012

More Paperweights and a Dog Bed

This week is the week that the National Specialty for the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club is being held.  The girl who got my duffle bag in the raffle had her dog win the Ambassador of the Breed Award, which is quite impressive to say the least.  Her dog Whisper has about 15 different titles and is really an incredible girl.  Chris, herself, is a wonderful dog trainer.  Both really deserve this honor.  I am glad for them.  And I wish I were there!

I did get 3 full circles done and 6 half circles for the edges are complete as well.  I also sewed the remaining kites, although I will have to un-sew several to use the halves for the edges as well.  I can still move the majority of the circles around.  I do "test" them in different places.  And I also have about 4 more sets I can make to replace the ones I don't like.  Or if I want them all I can add an additional row and make it wider.  We shall see.

You can see how large the quilt will be, of course it will draw up some because of the seams yet to be sewn, but there is DiNozzo sleeping on one of his 200 or so dog beds scattered about the house.

That dog bed, let me tell you, is wonderful.  I used two old bed pillow to stuff it. I bought one of those oversized bath towels, like a beach towel size.  Folded it in half and sewed the two sides up.  I put velcro on the open side.

I made two of the covers so I could take it off, wash it and have one clean to go on the pillows.  Cheap and easy.  The Swissys were too big for the beds but they loved to hang over the edges on them anyway.  The bassets fit beautifully and Hugeaux the Grand-Dog Cavalier all  fit nicely.

You can probably find old pillows at the resale shops to get a really cheap and good dog bed!

I am dying to see Charlene's paperweights.  She is using a jelly roll and it will be different from mine.  But I am sure it will be incredible!


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