Saturday, September 15, 2012

Work on Paperweights Resumes

Yesterday I was able to accomplish about 4 things that have been hanging over me in the quilting room.

3 sections together
I got the two leaf blocks done and mailed
I got the Brit Dogs mailed to Mary W
I cleared the space so I could work (although it didn't stay clear)
I sewed three, well one and two halves, circles for Paperweights
I was able to put three sets of circles and kites together as a unit to see how they worked and how they fit.

It was good.

The duffle bag I sent to the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog National Specialty got raffled off and a good friend was able to win by stuffing the bucket with tons of tickets!  She loved it.

I need to make another one and a quilt for the next Specialty.  In a pile of paperwork, I found the pattern for the Yappity Dog block I love so I might have to start just making a block from the scraps when I finish a quilt.  That way I will have a bunch of blocks to just put together when I need one, or just get enough and put it together and let it hang in the closet with the rest of the finishes that have no place to go.


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