Thursday, October 18, 2012

FX Contentment and Overflowing Joy

Met with the FX group last night, amazing is the only word I can use to describe the energy.

They are a small but select group of fiber artists, for whom I have this huge awe and respect.  It was incredible to me that they accepted me into their midst like I belonged there.

We have a challenge for the next meeting.  My mind is churning and turning already.  I need to bring something great to the table.  My excitement is high!

The Truthbomb today says:

Admit to your contentment so it can tip over into joy!

How does it know what I need it to say????  LOL.

What can tip over into joy for you today?  Look inside yourself, did you significant other get off to work without a hitch, did the kids make it to school with all their stuff, did the dog NOT throw up on the carpet?

If you can't find big things, look for the little things.  Did the cat sit in your lap and purr?  Did the right color make it to your stash?  Was the seam ripper where you first looked for it?  Even that can be a joyous thing.

glen:  My assignment for you.........find something you can tip over into joy for today.


  1. My joy is that I made it to work in one piece despite two different cars riding my as* the whole way.

  2. Of course you belonged there!

    Love your cabin by the lake!

  3. fall walk 10/18/12 via @youtube
    I'm not sure if links work in the comments but if it does - this was my biggest joy today :-)


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