Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quilting On Two Quilts

I decided not to hand quilt the famous pumpkins Jack and Gourdy Throw a Party.  Since I did not attend the guild meeting last night, but chose to watch the debate, I took the time to take out the pumpkin and candy corn I did already hand quilt.

Too much trouble at this point to do so.  I will do some sort of all over design, maybe some Halloween items tossed into the mix.

Then I need to begin working on the Saints.  Christmas will be here quicker than you think!

Look for the Wicked Blog Hop to begin soon, I will be representing on Oct 30, an alpha prime spot!  Check my sidebar for info on that Hop.  I am so pleased to be part of it.  The last one brought many new people here.

I have a meeting tonight of a special group of quilt artists.  I have been having problems with making the meetings but I am so looking forward to this one.

It is nearly 10 AM and I need to wash hair and get dressed.  I have been cooking, zucchini bread, a new batch of yogurt where I used up all the milk and pancakes for future breakfasts.  It is amazing how long this all takes when you ahve to go out and stop dogs from barking at squirrels, put dogs out for playing too rough with the heartworm treatment boy, bring dogs in from running, offer treats to capture dogs who ignore you.




  1. Sounds like you need to slow down a bit. Life is not a race to the finish but should be a nice leisurely walk with time to stop and smell the roses ( or dog breath if the case may be ;-)

  2. But squirrels are so fun! And some doggies have a stubborn streak. :o)

    How terrific you got to meet with a talented group of quilting folks.


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