Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Off to the Houston Quilt Festival

Frank  is staying home with the dogs.

If you want to meet Ann and I in Houston send me a text 225-252-1100 and hang out or eat....we are always up for eating and hanging out in the middle of quilt stuff.

And we will be in the building all day long!

I am so excited.......

McGee must have wind of me leaving him, he tossed his cookies this morning and DiNozzo won't leave my side.  Chloe could care less!

Here are some of my older quilts for you to check out!  I designed, pieced and quilted them all myself.

glen:  even the cat is sitting in my lap!


  1. I wish I was going - we could meet some place. Take a lot of photos - maybe I can do it another year so many of the bloggers that I toss e mail back and forth with are going and I would love to see some of you.

  2. Wish I were going. I could see you and Charlene. But this year, I decided to sit it out. If you could see my stash you would know why. There is next year. I am thinking of going to Paducah.


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