Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fron the great state of Houston

We arrived after a grueling ride of 5 hours, even though the traffic was easy and swift.  And Ann drove.  We met a ton of people, some from Fairbanks Alaska who knows my friends from there.  

And we bought stuff.  You will have to wait for the big reveal...because you know....I can't get the pictures into the iPad without my computer which sits at know

So the Quilt Show is incredible!!!!!

Ann bought a new ruler system the links together and has a self straightening edge.  And a Jim Shore cat quilt.  

I am bargaining with a guy who has a new light box that is made of LED lights and stays cool all the time.  He says his cat hates it, the light is no longer her favorite place to curl up!
I bought  Something C. Oh yes.....a new magazine since Gen Q was such a disappointment. Modern Quilting is so much better.....

We are in the bar drinking a hug e margarita......can u see my typing has deteriorated.....

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