Thursday, November 1, 2012

Getting Colder ----- Time for Santa Photos

It is a good thing we have lots and lots and lots of quilts!  The weather has gotten quite cold in just one day.  We woke to 36 degrees this morning and just two days ago it was 89.  Whew!  What a change.

I can say one thing, the Swissys never snuggled like this!

Frank and I scrambled to bring in the ferns last night in the dark with the wooley creatures lurking in the darkness just out of our flashlight range.  You can hear the twigs snapping as they walk along the fenceline.  Chloe loves to sit out until all hours of the night and commune with the night creatures.  We make sure she has her heartworm preventative every month as I am sure she gets mosquitoes.

Don't forget to bring your dogs out to Harley Davidson on Seigen Lane in Baton Rouge on Nov 11 from 9-3 or so for Santa CAAWS photos.  We really need the revenue and you get beautiful pictures from a professional photograhpher.  If you don't want to bring your dogs, bring your kids or grandkids, we have children who have grown up with us all these years.

See this beautiful couple?  And the people are cute too!

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