Sunday, November 11, 2012

Design Wall Monday 11-12-12

I have some quilting of UFOs planned this week! Yes!

I bought some pantographs from Urban Elementz while I was at the Houston Quilt Show and they arrived yesterday.  They are long and slender cylinders and I had ordered 7 of them that were not in the drawers at their show booth, so they shipped them to me in a plastic mailer bag.  Frank was home and received the bag. He never opens my mail (I do open things with HIS name on it though!) and he left it on the counter for me.  After dinner her was especially thoughtful, helping clear the table, being nice, telling me my shirt looked good and he liked the way my hair was.  Later he offered to get me a cup of coffee (which he doesn't drink or make).  After a while he suggested I open the package and check out the contents.  I did.  He was very disappointed and stopped being so attentive and became immersed in his football game.  Hmmm........I wonder what he thought was in there.

Whew!  I am sure glad that week is over!  It was a rough one.  The best part was the purse class on Friday.  This is Sharon's darling thing!  I think for Christmas now, everyone will get one of the UFO quilts and a purse!  LOL.

So I have big plans for the week ahead.  Santa CAAWS was today and is over.  The frantic push to get the photos out will begin by the end of the week.  (Look at that beautiful face!)  And my stalker was there, to be sure!

And McGee goes in for his second heartworm treatment today.  I hate so that he is having to do this, but by the first of the year he will be back doing mile walks with us and beefing up those bulging muscles he has.  Look at that sweet face.  He did get to see Santa CAAWS and he asked for a healthy heart for Christmas this year.

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  1. ohhh color me jealous that you got to go to Houston - Taking a purse class is a good idea because you get down how to make the purse you can piece it any way your mind can come up with - cool!

  2. Please ask him I am dying to know! If you won't send me his number and I will!! LOL

  3. Oooh! A purse class sounds like fun!! Your fun chickens top is darling! Enjoy quilting it! :)

  4. McGee??? Another basset? Gosh I need to visit more often. Wishing McGee all the best. One day I have a dream...that I will attend Houston Quilt Festival.


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