Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The day is incredibly beautiful!  Cold and clear, something that makes me so happy I live in Louisiana   No snow but just the right amount of cold.  I have been wanting to take some sunset pictures for you, maybe today will be the day I actually remember that at sunset.

If I sew with Ann I will cut out several of the purses and make them for Christmas presents.

If I don't sew with Ann I will load a quilt on the frame and use one of my new and exciting Pantos from Urban Elementz.  (No they didn't give me a discount for saying their name a thousand times!)

I could do either.

This is my Junk Yard quilt and the Roses was raffled off to a lucky employee at my mom's nursing home last year.

McGee is at the vet with his second heartworm tx.  It is so quiet here.  I have not yelled at a dog once and usually by now he is frantic about something.  It will be so much nicer when I can walk the energy out of that pup, but that is not till the first of the year............

He is a trooper though.

tomorrow will be a very busy day.  Dog appointments, lunch with a friend  CAAWS meeting.  And some time this month, Big Buddy is raffling a dog house off to benefit CAAWS so I will provide some details as I get it.


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