Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What Day is This?

Last night I went to the guild meeting.  Only there was no guild meeting, I was the only one there.  I called Ann from the empty parking lot and said, there is not guild meeting tonight.  It is next Tuesday.

She says, I know.

I said, why did you let me come to the meeting if you knew that.

She said, I thought you were being silly.

And I did feel pretty silly in that parking the dark.......listening to my Book On Tape.

I am so busy today I may not get a chance to post anything, so enjoy your day and check your calendar twice to make sure you have the right day!

On another note, our Santa CAAWS family photo turned out PERFECT!  I can't wait to show it to you.  She sent the proof just now and we look soooooo good we could be in pictures!



  1. At least you didn't drive 200 miles to be early! Remember I was 2 weeks early and three years late for the GSQA October meeting. Which is why I have 3 calendars and my phone to keep me on track. Don't get too busy to take care of yourself too. Hug The pups for me!

  2. I follow this guy on twitter and he is a fellow basset lover. This post about his dogs is worth the look see

  3. I have done this before. oh, and last night was my guild meeting and I just remembered after I read your post! oops!


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