Friday, November 2, 2012

Houston --- Day Last

We left the show floor laden with bags and bags and bags of stuff.  The Moda Shop had giveaways of mini packs so we hit that often throughout the day!

McGee must be missing me because Frank has called me twice today about him  this morning he ate an entire dishcloth and threw it up an hour or so later.  And early afternoon found him throwing up my hand dyed pieces from the Ann Johonson class last year.  such a bad dog.  He just may have a place on that Basset train to Boston.

Today I bought

Another panel from fern hill (you have to go to their website)
Two buggy barn books
A dish towel that says I am not a bitch, just one in your life   Or something like that

Some fat quarters
Two laurel burch bags
A conference t shirt from last year for $3
And some other things I can't remember right now...Because I am sitting in the BAR again!!!!!!!

We are leaving in the morning after Ann retrieves her iPad that her sister took home by mistake this afternoon.  Yes, we had a few anxious moments there
But we are in the BAR. Right none of that matters and we don't care that our feet hurt even!

Saw Charlene and Pam, Becky F, becky D, Susie, sherry, Patty J, and about 8 or 9 others...whose names escape me, because of the fact we are in the BAR........


  1. Such fun! And thank you for helping keep the economy on track by spending lots of money. Can't wait to see pics of the haul :-)


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