Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It Is Truly a Good Thing I Like This Dog.......

 One of these faces did this:

I went outside to open the gate for the termite inspector guy and walked back inside to see the book laying between the two boys.  Chloe was across the room barking at them.  Both faces were looking quite innocent......innocent.  Completely and totally innocent.  

The book arrived yesterday.  Yesterday!  Not even 24 hours old yet.

They need a shaming sign--------a BIG one!


  1. I know the feeling. I had just bought a pattern, layed it on the dining room table, left for a little while and one of my three schnauzers got on the table. The pattern ended up on the floor in shreds.
    They just know that our quilting & sewing has a special place in our lives. However, we wouldn't trade our 4 legged babies for the world.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving,

  2. Bad bad dogs! Well, at least the book is still useful, but darn it was brand new!

    This reminds me of the time I bought a set of pottery bowls. My 3 year old son decided he wanted to help me open the box. He proceeded to pick up one of the bowls and drop it on the other two bowls. Luckly he only broke one of the three, but they weren't even out of the box yet!

  3. I thought What have they done now. Good thing it is still usable and they are not sick from eating too much. I am sorry but I just have to laugh that it was you and not me.

  4. Have you seen http://www.dogshaming.com/


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