Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Where Is My Time Going?

McGee who is lucky to be alive...
Who knows where all my time is going?  I thought I would have time to do some sewing but I have not had a single second to sit and sew.  Maybe today.

You have no idea how much time it takes to keep that turkey McGee from killing himself by running after DiNozzo at top speed and throwing a pulmonary embolism because of his heartworm treatment.  Poor boy just wants to have fun!  Soon, my boy, soon.  Every morning and every night we go outside and wait for Frank and Chloe and DiNozzo to come home from their mile walks around the block.  It is a highlight of his day!

And I have a ton of friends coming for Thanksgiving this year.  I defrosted a turkey breast and then decided to get out a big turkey too.  The more the merrier, I say.

Apple filling
Homemade salsa in oregano
I am working on a new dessert.  I made some testers and baked up two of them last night.  Yes, I think I got it!  It involves mason jars and fillings.....I won't tell you any more, you have to come tomorrow and see what I am doing.

I will do a post on the wonderful-ness of my new find tomorrow..........I need to go to the grocery today.

Yesterday I cooked the Louisiana Sweet Potatoes from the LSU Farm that Ann brought me and they are ready to be made into casserole.  I have the makings for the green bean casserole, just add more cans of green beans for more people!  And the lovely desserts.  And gravy, I need more gravy.  Cranberry sauce will be cooked today.

Brining the breast
I found a recipe for Cranberry Gravy I will try today.  I really don't care for turkey gravy, too many unsavory parts go into it for my tastes.  I am not that kinda girl.  But cranberries are clean and healthy.  It is made with port wine and cranberries and sour cherries.  Much better than gravy from body parts that clean the body of toxins......just saying.

And rolls.  If I were anybody, I would bake me some rolls.  But I bought the Hawaiian Rolls which are soooo good.  The desserts will make up for not having homemade rolls.

Who wants to come to my dinner?


  1. If I was closer I would be there in a heart beat! My thanksgiving will be on Sunday at one of my brother's house. I am to bring pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and sweet potato casserole.

  2. I'm lazy and make gravy by opening up a jar! Cranberry sauce is something that just I eat so it comes out of a can :) I do make my pies from scratch and turkey get baked in the oven with stuffing - mashed potatoes are real too LOL


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