Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving and Winning

I am a WINNER!  A BIG Winner at that!

I won the Sea Urchin Pinsie Pin Cushio from Karen Griska at the Selvage Blog!  I was blown away by the email I received yesterday telling me I had won!  I never expected that.

Check out her pincushions by clicking on the highlighted blog name above.


I entered a contest at Urban Elementz, the pantograph people at the Houston Quilt Show and won their prize of $50 worth of pantos!  Can't wait to choose those babies!

And then I won big with the Thanksgiving dinner.  I had a table of 7 people and two turkeys cooked to perfection.  There were

Sweet potatoes from the fields of LSU (probably experimental with glow in the dark things in them) and
Rolls from Texas Roadhouse so sweet you didn't need honey
Green bean and french fried onion casserole
fruit salad
Pies in the Mason Jars......they were a huge hit!  Seven people ate 12 mason jars!

And we had wonderful guests........Tiger and Ann and Press and the Daughter and Son in Law

And the bassets did not steal a single turkey leg (because they were relegated to the outside at all times, except for one escapee who snuck inside during the football game)

We had fun, food and laughter with good friends............

but I failed to take but one picture after I already started carving the huge perfect turkey!

glen:  hope yours was a winning day as well.!


  1. sounds like some great wins - and that you had a good Thanksgiving was a plus!

  2. Glad it was a winner. See you soon!

  3. Sounds like a great thanksgiving. I need to find out about this mason jar pie thing, never heard of them. Will google it. So glad you won some stuff, you deserve it!

  4. Nice wins! Thanksgiving sounds like it was a huge success!


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