Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Book Recommendation

This is the most recent finish of the books on CD.  And I have another to tell when I get finished with it!  Just as good but in a totally different direction!

But first a story.....you know me, always with a story!

I wanted to listen to my books on CD in the dining room wherer the longarm is located.  The dining room is away from everything and everybody.  Everybody, becasue the bassets are not allowed in there.  Well, let me clarify, McGee is not allowed in there, DiNozzo behaves himself by looking out the window under the quilt frame while I quilt around him.  McGee eats stuff.

(ASIDE:  Sunday: McGee is lethargic today.  Which makes him about as active as the normal dog.  He has not wanted to eat more than a few bites of anything, his tummy is really wonky from the barium they made him take.  His bodily functions are normal, so that is good, no more throwing everything up.

I save that dog's life daily.  Hopefully by the time this posts he will be back to 100%)

I went to Best Buy to buy a CD Player and all the 20-somethings asked what that was!  When I told them, they all pondered a bit and said they didn't think that anything like that was made anymore.  Sigh.  Frank found on in the Clock Radio area of the store, in a dark unused corner that was dusty and full of ghosts of the past...........all the 20-Somethings were amazed that it still existed.

On to my Book Recommendaiton.

The Street of a Thousand Blossoms by Gail Tsukiyama

I loved the Japanese names and terms scattered through this book.  I wnated to say them all!  I have a tendency to predict (correctly) the outcome of most books, but this one was a bit different than I thought.  I loved all the characters, I could see the "movie" in my head as they performed the writer's words.  And once again, it gave me some insight of historical events from a non-American point of view.  I hated for this book to end.

I ordered it from the library and they sent it to the branch near me and I just picked it up and returned it at no charge.  Perfect.  She has written about 6 other novels but none are available at our library on CD.

Overview (Barnes and Noble)

It is Tokyo in 1939. On the Street of a Thousand Blossoms, two orphaned brothers dream of a future firmly rooted in tradition. The older boy, Hiroshi, shows early signs of promise at the national obsession of sumo wrestling, while Kenji is fascinated by the art of Noh theater masks. 
But as the ripples of war spread to their quiet neighborhood, the brothers must put their dreams on hold—and forge their own paths in a new Japan. Meanwhile, the two young daughters of a renowned sumo master find their lives increasingly intertwined with the fortunes of their father’s star pupil, Hiroshi.
The Street of a Thousand Blossoms is a powerfully moving masterpiece about tradition and change, loss and renewal, and love and family from a glorious storyteller at the height of her powers.


  1. I have looked at this book a couple of times. I really like all her other books. I will add this to my ever increasing list of must reads. Thanks for the review.

  2. I just finished 11/22/63 from my library on cd and it was really, really good. It's by Steven king and I don't usually like him but this was exceptional. If you really want to throw them a loop at best buy, ask for a cassette player. They will probablly look at you like you just came from 1963, which actually is what 11/22/63 is partially about sort of a time travel thing but not bizarre stuff. A lot of it has to do with Oswald and The time he shot Kennedy. It's also a love story.


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