Monday, April 22, 2013

Accomplishment! Design Wall Monday!

This is my Design Wall Monday Report.  Since I am engaged in CLEANING UP I thought I would show you what I am doing.  I have several posts this week about the whole deal, so come back and see what I can accomplish!

Even though you didn't tell me you were astonished at what I was ACTUALLY going to do, I totally feel like I accomplished a lot.  Wait till you see the before and after shots!  Prepare to be AMAZED!  If you want to read the story of the bookcase my dad built, go here.

Of course I have to do before shots for you to ogle.  It really is a mess, but there is no place to put any of this stuff.  I started by moving the pieces of stuff, I don't dare call it JUNK, to clear out a space for the bookcase to go.  It slid easily in place and is not going to interfere with the fan, thank goodness.  All puffed up in his best OSHA voice, he says, "WE need to make sure it doesn't cause undue damage to the fan before any of this can happen."  Yeah, right, power to the man!

Here is my poor ironing board laden with my extraneous stuff.  Remember, not junk.

After about 3 hours of work, I came to this place.  Did I throw away a lot?  Did I put any in a pile to give away ...........only tossed one paper bag and three huge Hobby Lobby bags I kept for some unknown reason.

 I guess that puts me squarely in the category of Ultra Pack Rat.  I accept that designation.  UPR Proud!

Here is the bookcase in place.  Or most likely  very close to where it will live.  I want it closer to the other bookcase to form an L.  Like a nice quiet library.

Now I will work to fill it.  I warn you, when you see the next picture, it will be of my stuff put on the shelves in no apparant order.  That will come in later bursts of energy.

 Here is the bookcase filled with my precious stuff.  There are many things there that represent the entirety of quilting.  From just plain ideas, to fabrics, to cut out fabrics ready to be put together, to blocks ready to be assembled to tops, to tops, to things that just need to be quilted.

Keep in mind that I still have to go through and organize those shelves yet.  I think I want to get the same size containers and organize like that. the small drawer unit between the bookcase and the window is a series of drawers.  I can clean the useless office supplies out and put in my sewing notions and small stuff.  It is not really sturdy but it will hold a lot of small things in a small space

 Here is the far shot of that part of the room, I can put a Before next to it, wait a second.......well, this is how ie worked out to be.

I really feel open and  cleaner.  I did sweep and debated about how much of the tiniest scraps to toss.  Yes, really.  You never know when you are going to need those splinters of fabric.  What if they stopped making fabric and you needed a quilt?


  1. The room is looking great! I hope you can remember where everything is. I know after I clean up I can't find anything!

  2. I can't wait to visit on the 2nd of May to see it in person.

  3. In one of those pictures is a stack of fabric with a ribbon around it, labeled 146. I want that please!! :) My favorite colors. :)

    Actually, I think your room and my room could be soul mates, except my room is smaller. :) I actually need to clean up my room too.

    When I learned to quilt, it was from a woman who is a Mennonite. We cleaned up after each class and left her quilting room (was actually a building) without clutter of any kind etc. Brenda has become a dear friend, despite her leaning toward being a neat-nic. :) I don't let Brenda into my house, she'd probably feel the need to clean it!
    You realize that a neat desk is a sign of a sick mind... same goes for a quilting table!! :)

  4. I am at the other end of the spectrum. I absolutely cannot work if my room is not in order. Must be the analytical portion of my brain.

  5. Looking great. It is a lot of work. I did it a few months ago :)

  6. The room is looking great! I can relate since I had to clear my sewing room out since we put our house on the market. My solution was more containers and put everything in the unfinished part of the basement! I just hope I can find things when I need them!

  7. wow - by Friday you'll literally have what's off the walls - LOL!! Its looking great already - btw - my stash up on my 3rd fl looks a lot like this at the moment. Having trouble keeping my fabric and all my clothes organized so am coming up with a new system - not to mention throwing out a lot of old worn out clothes!

  8. When you get done will you come over to AL and work on my space? I HATE giving up time to clean up but I also have no surfaces upon which to work. I think I should take the first week in May off from sewing/quilting and just clean. Idea?


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