Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Drawers Organized

Accomplishment #2 - Getting the drawers in my closet organized.

Put a big fat check mark by that one!  DONE!  It is amazing.  And I attribute it all to the cardboard wraps!  I know my stalker reads my blog because I saw the individual purchase a set one day.  Can't fool me!  LOL

Here are before and afters:

Drawer 2 before 
Drawer 2 after

Drawer 1 before
Drawer 1 after

Here are two I forgot to take the befores of
Drawer 3 has space!

Drawer 4 - Dyeing stuff

Here is the whole set up,
 suspended drawers in the closet


  1. You are moving right along! Good job!

  2. Keep at it, before you know it, your room will be the neatest quilting room around! Then you can take a working vacation to Az and help me neaten mine up!


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