Wednesday, April 24, 2013

i Came, I Saw and............ I Gathered ALL the Nuts!

If you have followed this blog for any time now you will know I have a war on the squirrels.  And they have been winning.

I know, they are cute little things that scurry around in the fall, with cheeks full of acorns, burying them to feed their squirrel families in the long winter snows.  (South Louisiana, no snow.)

But they destroy my feeders and they eat all the seeds from the bird feeders, leaving the birds starving and unable to feed their

Seems like I was wrong again!
little birdy families over the hot summers.  I don't care if they eat from the ground, but leave the feeders alone!

(The blue jays are too large to sit on the perches so they hover and grab the black sunflower seeds and take them to the tree to open them!)

When we had the Swissys (and not the bad basset boys) the feeders were in the back yard.  No one ate the seed cast off (arils, if you are a crossword fan) like they were gorging for the winter snows.  But the bassets will stand there and eat every blasted one of the cast off seed coverings, until it comes out of one end or the other.  Or both.

So I had to move the feeders out of
Never seen this guy before
what a beauty!
 the back yard and into the side yard.  Now the squirrels are really close and I can't let a dog out to scare them off!  The idiot children just hit the window and bark necessitating me closing the blinds to cut off view.  Then I can't see the stupid birds.......

Daddy Cardinal posturing to the
metal bird on the feeder!
And I live in darkness.

Momma cardinal
 finding seeds in the grass
So I hunted for a thing to do to keep the squirrels away.  I saw on
QVC as I was flipping channels one night, that there is a book called 10,000 Things You Need To Know or some such name.  And he mentioned there was contained within, a remedy for
squirrels raiding the bird feeders.

(I can't figure that face behind the dove....doesn't look like it is some revelation, or anyone I know.  An odd apparition to say the least.)

So rather than spend $14.95 plus shipping in 3 easy payments, I went to the internet.  I figured he had to find his
10,000 things somewhere.  And i
f he could, I could too.  And did.

So today, there is not one single squirrel on my birdfeeders all day.

And you have seen the wonder of all the birds who have flocked in to partake of my excellent seed.  Sans squirrels!

I have finally won.  I have no problem with the pesky rodents eating at the bottom but stay off my feeders and let the birds have a chance!


  1. Are you willing to share you find? Love the pictures of the birds"

  2. I don't put out feeders for the birds, but what is the secret? I wonder if it would keep the squirrels out of my plant pots?

  3. I want to know your secret! Not that I have squirrels here, well, we have ground squirrels, but they are not climbers. But I'm nosy and want to know your secret.
    I have bird feeders up and buy the cheap ones from the dollar store. I especially like the humming bird ones, but then I get bees, so I stopped doing those.
    Love the variety of birds you get at your feeders. :)

  4. I don't mind if the squirrels live in the trees or neighbors' yards -- I DO mind when they chew the bark off our trees, chew on/through the side of our house (forcing upper-story repairs) and/or when they chase off our birds. Sadly, there's more against them than for them and most of our neighbors feel the same way.


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