Monday, April 15, 2013

Caja de Lux

My caja de lux has arrived!  If you don't speak Spanish that is my light box!  Yoweeee!

It came with a smile

delivered by my wonderful UPS guy.

On Friday.  And I couldn't wait to get it open so, much to Frank's chagrin, I opened it in the front seat of his car on the way to dinner!  He was not impressed.

But I was!

I am using it to trace nudes.  They are coming from all the nooks and crannies of my under utilized brain.  I was going to show you a few but now I cannot find where I put them.  (Geez
, I need to clean up my room! she shouts!)

Today I am going to a CFAL Meeting.  I am excited!  These are my people!  They are incredible artists.  I am just hobnobbing with the most amazing people these days.

This week I need to complete the Fleur de Lis by Mike and Mo so they can do a pattern run.  I also need to get a corner of the back for Halloween completed, that is all that is lacking before I sandwich it up to appear in the June Quilt Your Quilts Challenge.

Anyone up for getting a pile of quilts done in June?  There will be prizes!  Let me know and i can build a database.  There were like 6 or 7 last year doing this.  And several got prizes.

PattyA will do about 247 quilts, so gather your neighbor's up as well.  She quilts on a Pfaff 1475 so if you don't have a long arm, you can still join us.  I do most of mine on my Singer Quantum Stylist.  So you can too!  Don't let our harassing each other put you off, we are just having fun.  You can join in and get some stuff done.

Did you notice the tree caterpillars matched the flower pot?  They were still going in circles around the top when I took the dogs out after their dinner!  Do those guys ever get tired of going nowhere?


  1. Only 247? Gosh, what will I do with my left hand? LOL!!

  2. I have several tops and backs ready. Did you say we could use our neighbors? What size makes an entry? You know my quilts are all bigger than a baby bed or even a twin bed!


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