Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Story

Boy, do I have a story for you!  I got a call from my quilting friend Caroline.  Her son had a gallery show in Boston and they went up there for the week.  I thought they were home already so when I got her phone call saying they were OK it was the beginning of a story.

They were staying, in fact, right on the finish line of the marathon race.  So they left this morning, luckily for that part any way.  They left to drive to the coast and have lunch along the way.  They planned on returning later and watching the runners cross the line.

They were unable to get into the city and found that their hotel was one on lock down.  So now they are in a quaint bed and breakfast just outside Boston without so much as a toothbrush!

I did no quilting today, preferring to cook for the first and third phase of this Dr. Oz diet.  Day 1 and I feel lighter already!!!  This diet has you eating a lot of food, I had two cups of oatmeal and two cups of strawberries, two peaches, chicken breast at lunch,  brown rice at lunch and dinner, chicken stew that I cooked, two clementines and two plums.  A lot of twos.

For Tomorrow I have beef chili simmering in the slow cooker.  More fruit and veggies and protein.

And pounds will drop and I will become the epitome of that picture I posted the other day.......just wait!!!


  1. Glad your friend is ok, better to be without a toothbrush or deodorant than to not need either one ever again. :)

    Chili sounds good, what dr. oz diet are you following?

  2. I am glad that your friend was out of Boston during today's tragedy! I saw your comment about a Dr. Oz diet, and read through a few older posts in an attempt to find more information. Can you suggest a spot online that describes it? I wish you lots of luck with it!

  3. So glad your friend is safe. Ik I wil ask abou the Dr. Oz diet too! I don't think I could eat 2 cups of oatmeal at one sitting unless is was in cookies!


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