Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Saved His Life......Only to Kill Him Again

Yesterday I spent time at Red Stick cutting out my fabrics.  Today, I will sew them together.

I really can't show you what I am going to work on, because it is for the Mystery Quilt  at River City.  But I can tell you that i cut a ton of 3 1/2 inch strips yesterday that I will sew together today!


In other news..........I saved McGee's life but once again.  And I so wanted to beat him with blunt objects.  But I stayed my feelings and saved his life in the end.

He was upset about having to wait for his morning walk since Frank had left so early.  And he panicked.  In the form of tearing my book apart.  In the afternoon, I have no idea why he wanted to eat the mat under his water bowl, but he did.  But those pieces were small and not likely to twist his internals.  So I will just watch to make sure things come out properly.  Those emergency vet visits are darn expensive!

Then after I made him throw up the book parts, gave him some yogurt to coat his stomach and a bone to put something in there, he ate my favorite tote.  I won this from Stephanie (I think) a couple years ago when she had a contest to see how many string projects you could do.  I won for making a couple of charity quilts and donating it to the nursing home.

I had to make him throw up polka dots too.  You can see how much he ate, a considerable amount of each.  And he likes to do it in strips, notice.  I really don't need an Accu-Cut, I have McGee!

I won these fabulous blues at the Remember Me Guild meeting last night.  It will go into the pile for my indigo quilt.  I have big ideas for that.  The pig?  Oh, that is a pitcher from my grandmother.  She used it to pour milk and lemonade for us, although not at the same time.  My mother hated it, she refused to drink anything that came from a pig's mouth.  But I totally adored it.  It is a Smiley pig, and I had it appraised for $2500 about 10
years ago.  So you can imagine my concern when I was trying to take the picture and this happened.

I used my wonderful light box to trace some additional nudes on to the nude fabric.  I found that I need to work on finding a nice pencil or tracing apparatus.  My mechanical pencil was too light and the thinness of the lead affected the weave of the fabric.

So I need a better thing.  Something you won't see when it is cut out.  I thought to use a permanent marker that is ultra-thin, but it bled out into the fabric.

Any ideas??????


  1. Not sure what you use to make the fabric eater throw up, but I've had to make my dogs vomit a few times over the years (but mine ate pills, go figure!)
    Anyhow, after Sugar ate some Ibuprofin one time and I made her puke, that night she began to vomit blood. I called the Evet and a friend and fellow greyhound owner answered. Anyhow she told me that all they'd do is watch her and give her some prilosec if I brought her in. Ok, I had prilosec at home and gave her some and she was fine and dandy in 24 hours. So either prilosec OTC or pepsid would probably be beneficial for McGee. :) I give it after having to make any dog throw up. :)

  2. I have found that if I back my fabric with freezer paper, then use a Micron Pigma .5 pen, I have pretty good results. For some reason, the freezer paper keeps it from bleeding.
    You are much more patient with McGee than I ever would be. He is a very lucky dog.

  3. Try one of the sewline ceramic pencils or pens. I have the air erasable fabric pen and it glides so smooth over the fabric. I found it wasn't so great for embroidery though cause the lines disappear just as advertised.

  4. Well there is a lot of crazyness at your house with that dog! They didn't break the pig pitcher did they? I have a pitcher from my grandmother also that I remember her making lemonade in, but it is a plain green pitcher - not fancy like yours. The marking of your nudes - there is a pen that the lines disappear when you iron it so there are no worries about the lines showing. I have misplaced mine or I would send it to you. I will be working at the quilt shop May 3 and 4 and I will get you one then so you can try it out and see if it does the job. If I find mine I will sent it to you.

  5. You would think he would not like being made to throw up and learn, duh, when I eat mom' s stuff, she makes me throw up. God brought him to you because anyone else would have lost it by now with him. What do you give him to make him throw up, I probably should keep some on hand for emergencies. Summer chewed the head part of Dave's breathing machine yesterday, he was not pleased but I have to say he didn't yell or even raise his voice to summer. She is just starting to be able to go near him and that would blow it.

    Have you tried the frixion pens?
    They are for quilt marking but might suit your purposes. I usually use fusible when doing figures so just use a pencil, tracing the mirror image. You may not want the glue or are doing hand appliqué. If you are hand appliqué ing those little nudes - my hats off to you, sister :-)

    I love that pig!!!

    Note: as Im writing this I looked over and summer is munching on a spool of my very expensive aurifill thread. Good thing she's so cute.

  6. Tailor's chalk. It's cheap, lasts forever and is easy to get out. :) And it comes in many colors.


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