Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nudes Make Their Debut

You will be pleased to know the Nudes were very well behaved and appeared in public for the first time ever.  They were well received and actually even impressed some people at the Fiber Group!

I was a bit nervous when it came to my turn to present my work.  I slowly drew them out of my bag and presented them to the group. The leaves were flat so I shook them out to re-fluff them.  And nothing fell off! LOL
75th Anniversary Badge
I got a lot of questions about making the leaves, the background and their cute little butts!

Everyone loved their butts!  And I got some suggestions about what to use for shading their butt cheeks.  Makeup!  Like I have any of that.......I guess I have to go buy some.  Or maybe I can get some that someone has used and just has the dregs left.

You should have seen the other pieces.  Michael displayed a 3-D butterfly he made for the Hoffman Challenge in New Zealand a bazillion years ago.  It was possibly the most incredible thing I have ever seen!

I have to run, I am going to talk to the State Police today!  And no, not in handcuffs!

(OOOHHHHHH!  A nude in handcuffs! I am thinking Betty Boop........)

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  1. I hope you took pics of the butterfly to share:-)
    Don't tell the police you are hauling naked women around, they will think you are involved in evil pursuits.

    Summer ate the phone cord on my Internet router this morning, I think she doesn't want me wasting all this time looking at blogs when I should be playing with her.


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