Monday, April 1, 2013

Design Wall Monday

April Fool's!    This is the REAL post!  Got cha, didn't I!  McGee, while not totally well behaved, did not eat my Nudes........yet!  LOL

Even though I only worked on my Nudes Bathing last week, you know they are so small they just use bits of material, I am still down about 20 yards in my stash.  Well that will end this week.  And its not my fault!

My cousin Karen brought me two bags of vintage materials from her mom's stash of 50's and 60's pieces when she was sewing stuff.  So it really isn't my fault!  LOL.  But they are really cool things.  I will show them this week, I have misplaced my camera and have no idea where it is.

I think I left it at the Donahue's party.........and they have not returned my phone call yet.  I sure hope they have it!  I don't know where else it would be.

I plan to spend time this week working on some backings, which will use up a lot of fabric.  I want to get some of these tops out of the way, or at least lined up for June.

What is June all about?  Well, PattyA has challenged me to have my annual Finish-All-You Can-Do-In-June called the Quilt Your Quilts Challenge finish month.  I find some prizes and we see how many people can finish up things in June.  Are you in?  You have a couple of months to ready yourself.  Last year Patty won the overall with her great push to finish a ton of quilts.  I looked back to see how many, and all i could find was that she had 18 finishes so far in 2012.

I spent the day making strawberry jam from a flat of local strawberries I got from the Farmer's Market yesterday.  The pics were taken by my iPad, not bad! I got 18 pint jars from 12 pint baskets of huge sweet strawberries!

And i went to the Donahue's and traded out some pints of jam for my camera!  YEAH!


  1. Yum! Strawberry jam! Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    Good April Fool's joke!

  2. Oh wow!! You have strawberries?!?! We still have snow on the ground. And I'm so glad you dogs didn't eat your nudes. That was a very good April fools.

  3. What strawberries! It snowed here in Northeastern Ohio today! Yes, you can go to the store and buy berries from who knows where that taste like who knows what, but to have them locally - ask me in June! What a difference a 1100 miles makes!

    Nice score on the vintage fabric. I have several bins of vintage fabric and it comes in handy for repairs or finishing quilts that someone undone. I can't wait to see what you have!

    You have thrown down the challange and you know I am in for the quilting thrown down! I need to replinish my baby quilt stash for all those times when you need just to grab one.

  4. Yup, I too am glad that your dog didn't eat your nude!
    Glad you found your camera, and I'd sure love to have some homemade strawberry jam. My Mom always made freezer jam that was rhubarb/strawberry and it was wonderful! I've never made jam in my life and probably won't start at this late date!! (and that's no april fools joke either!)


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