Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vintage pieces from my Aunt Evelyn's stuff

I didn't realize that my Aunt Evey was so into sewing.  I guess all those women back in those days sewed everything they could.  My mother was the daughter of the New Orleans seamstresses who sewed the ball gowns for the Rex and Comus Mardi Gras  Krewes.

She made everything we wore down to the underwear and my dad's suits.  I made Frank a Nehru Jacket when we were first married, he hated it but I thought it was cool.  It was definitely not his style.

So this is what I ended up with, there is one more piece but I can't find where it went, it is a grid of honey colored beige on a black background.  It went into my dog raffle quilt pile I think.  Which will have to be for next year, the Swissy Fun Day Raffle is next week!

My Aunt was really into large pieces, she must have been making dresses.  I can see her in that navy blue dot shirt dress with a round swirly skirt and crisp white collar and cuffs and huge white buttons down the front.

So the total is  (and keep in mind most of these are 35" wide rather than 40.......as if that makes any difference!

               ~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~   32.75   ~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~

OH MY!!!!  That shoots my totals on Stash Reduction to Hell and back!  But there is no way I could let this wonderful gift go by without grabbing it!  LOL  You know that!

6 yards each of the pink and the traditional blue chambray

1 yd slightly darker chambray

3 yards of nice super muslin

1.5 yds of window pane linen - just gorgeous

1 yd of home dec blue flowers - great for a duffle

5 yds beautiful navy dots - Yo! Stephanie!

1 yd blue flowers

3 yds of red/grey shirting

1 yd seersucker bows

3 yds seersucker

4 yds yellow dotted Swiss - My senior prom dress was made out of this, may be the same fabric!

 .5  yd black

3 yds black and white houndstooth -I love it!

4 yds of the swirl that Karen loved. I need to use that in a quilt for her

.75 yd of a luscious combed cotton dark paisley

In addition there are some laces as well, but I won't count those in my totals


  1. I had a Nehru jacket :) they were cool back in the day weren't they!

  2. You will use up this fabric in no time! Lots of pieces that will fit into quilts easily.

  3. Love that orange, blue and white paisley and yeah, that dark paisley is cool too.
    I made a Nehru jacket too, it was a wonderful blue print with gold running through it. But then I made all my clothes from about the 8th grade on up.

    I think if you get free fabric, it shouldn't count in your stash totals! :)

  4. omg, nehru jacket! I was into those too :-)

    you know all those fabrics are back in style again, you now will have to make some clothes though.


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