Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Quilting on Tuesday

Not much done quilting wise, today is Frank's birthday and he was off.  I did pull together a few pieces of that vintage fabric to be used with some regular fabric in a couple of really modern

quilts. I am excited to have some of these pieces in my quilts.  I want to use that orange, blue, light blue one in a quilt for cousin Karen since it was her momma's stuff.  Maybe the center and the back with that fabric and the blue and an orange for the sticks.

I am thinking I love that pattern to the left, it is from the Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine.  Love that magazine!  Sorry about the bad light.  It was actually the best one I took!

Tonight we are meeting cousin Jason and his sons at the place Rodney's band is playing tonight.  Rodney has a Cajun music band and plays all over the country.  They practice in local places around town here.

Jason and boys are in town from Denver.  He is the son of my very favorite cousin.  Terry died before his first grandson was born.  He never knew he had grandchildren.  I love the boys and see them when they come in town to visit Jason's mom and Rodney.

And we have lunch with another vet cousin who just moved to Baton Rouge to go into practice with my own wonderful vet.   John and his wife are extraordinary vets in their own rights.  I am so happy they are here now.

Louisiana Crawfish Boil RecipeYou would think we had a large family, but actually these guys and my cousin Karen are it!  This is the total extent of my family, and my brother and his wife and two kids.  And most of these are vets!  I love it!  However, I don't get a discount on anything!  LOL.

Last night we got together with friends for crawfish at Mike Anderson's.  I ate till I was stuffed!  So good.  I brought my camera but took only one picture!  By the time you dig into crawfish, your hands are way to messy for cameras!  It would have smelled like crawfish for a month.  That was the best corn!

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  1. I like that quilt too, very nice!
    The crawfish looks wonderful, it's been YEARS since I've had crawfish, probably 40. Glad you enjoyed it!


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