Wednesday, April 3, 2013

They Are Old As The Hills, But They Make Good Music

Ethan and Lucas
Frank, Carrie, Andrew
Since yesterday was Frank's Birthday, and Jason was in town, we met him and his mom and the boys at a place where Rodney was playing.  They have a jam session every Tuesday night.  The place is bad, they have bad service but the music is good!

If you are an alcoholic, this is NOT the place for you.  It took me all night to get one beer, and there was no chance of getting another.  Jason had the Happy Hour Two for One Margarita, and never got his second margarita!

And the place was half empty!

But it was a good time just to be with Jason and the boys.  I don't know why the boys even figured into this, they played on cell phones and x boxes the whole time.

Diane and Jason
For the first time I used the movie function on my new camera.  My old one had it, but I don't think I ever used it.  And you will be able to see the obvious in the one with Crawfish Pie.  Rodney and 16 other musicians from all over come together every Tuesday night to jam.  They are all retired, old as the hills, but they make beautiful music.  Some are from gospel bands, some from bluegrass and some from Cajun bands.  The blend is incredible.

The musicians all gathered in the corner
Oh, and you will have to tilt your head for the first half of the video.  I didn't know I couldn't flip it later on.  And the lighting sucks.

Rodney is the guy in the end who sings Crawfish Pie.  You can't even see him here, he is way in the right back corner next to the lady in pink.


  1. Sounds like an interesting evening. Happy birthday Frank! That place sounds like a few of the bars my nephew has played at - bad service, good music.

  2. that's very cool! love to hear a bunch of old guys play, they usually really get into it - I'm sure you wore your go - go boots -where is frank's nehru jacket?


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