Thursday, April 4, 2013

Annual Quilt Your Quilts Challenge To Begin in June

PattyA and I have a ton of quilts to finish up.  She and I both like to keep baby quilts around for those who just pop up overnight without warning.  We need gifts for showers and to take to new mothers who were skinny one day and 8 months pg the next. We have a pile of unfinished quilts that are begging to be quilted and we need the impetus. Otherwise we would just lay around and dream all day long.  You know how we are.

Actually I need a closet full of these things because Carrie comes to my house when I am not here and goes rummaging though my quilt closet for gifts and things for her girlfriends.  Who, by the way, love my quilts.  She wiped me out recently and I need to replenish.

I know I have a dinosaur quilt that needs completing.  And I have a ton of material that needs to become something.  And a box of quilts that need to be quilted.

Well, last year PattyA and I challenged 6 other people to join us in finishing up everything they could in June.  And the one with the most finishes won.  PattyA took home that trophy!

I know she is storing up quilt tops to position herself for another stiff fight.  So I suggest you do the same, gather as many quilts in the next two months as you can.  Get them ready for non-stop finishing.

Let me know so I can compile your name.  All you have to do is to post a photo of your finish. And let me know your inches.

This time we will use dimensions.   So if your quilt is 40 x 45 that would be 1800 square inches of quilt.  Figure it the same way if you were paying for quilting by a long arm quilter.  And keep a running total of inches you have completed.

So if I have:

40 x 45 = 1800
18 x 48  (table runner) = 864
72 x 80 = 5760
104 x 104 = 10816

My total would be 19240  inches

and PattyA has:

20 x 35 = 700
52 x 52 = 2704
75 x 79 = 5925

9329 for her total

And she would LOSE!  LOSE!!!!!!!!



  1. You made me laugh out loud with this post! My goodness you are determined to crush me this year! I don't think so! I will be at the ready 12 a.m. June 1!

  2. I just thought of something. We need to clarify if the binding need completed also. If the binding is complete then the UFO would be done, so I think it would have to be bound for it to count. What do you think?

  3. Gee Glen, I can send you a ton of tops that need to be quilted and quite a few that need to be bound as well. I KNOW that I won't finish them unless I win the lotto (to buy a long arm machine and frame) or at least come into money (to pay someone to quilt them for me!) So, hey, if you really want to win, I can shop a HUGE box full of things that are not finished! (probably 30 or 40 things!)


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