Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cousins and Apples

I had lunch with my other vet cousin John and my visiting cousin Jason/boys/Diane his mom.  It was good to see John and Deb again, it has been a long time.  He is partnering with my vet who built him a new office within the current vet clinic.

John is a specialty vet the other vets go to when they need a higher level of work than they can perform themselves.  His wife Deb is a vet as well, and she shows Cocker Spaniels.  She said she had about 20 dogs at their home right now!  That is more than I have!  LOL.  Frank is so lucky and he doesn't even know it!

I left the camera home so you get no pictures of cousin John.

I did come home and do some apple canning.

I started with this:

And peeled them.  Later I used the leftover liquid to boil down the peels and cores and make apple jelly.

First I sliced the apples in large slices, processed them and decided I wanted them in small pieces.  So I undid all the bottles and chopped and re-processed
them all.  That made for a long long long day of standing on my feet, and now my knee and back are killing me!

See, they just weren't doing right.

Here are half of them lined up,  I had 24 of those suckers to re-do.

See how they are floating to the top.  But they will still make good pies!

The thing I excelled at was making burnt caramel on my stove.  I spent about an hour leaning over it trying to clean it.  I never got some of it off.  I tried so many things.

I think I will heat it up and see if the sugar liquifies and then wipe it out.  I never thought of that yesterday!  LOL>

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