Friday, April 5, 2013

Old + Old = New Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt - designed to smash PattyA's Baby Quilt Bonanza to pieces!

This is my Off The Wall project this week.  Check out some other very incrediblely creative projects at:

Nina Marie's Creations

These were two orphan blocks I was testing for a quilt I was thinking about making.   I loved them but they never became the quilt they were intended for.  How many years ago?  Maybe 5?  I added white all around them, so what you see is the whole quilt.  I will quilt it with some straight lines about 1 inch apart in some sort of pattern.  We shall see.

Don't they look good with this backing from an old Alexander Henry collection called Coconut Grove????

  I have a ton of this print, must have been on sale somewhere along the line.  I would not generally have bought that much of an expensive line.

Old + Old = New Baby Quilt ~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~: iI love it!

What about my Nudes Bathing?  I didn't get a chance of working on them this week, too much family stuff going on.  Fun stuff, but no quilt work.  I can show you that this is what they will look like when the leaves are fastened.  I still need to make the second set of leaves for one or the other. And add the tulle water.  The leaves sure do look real.

Do you like the walker with leaves covering her or not?  I think covering her is more covert.  But I want her butt to show still.  It really looks like you are spying on her.  She certainly does not know you are watching!

They look darned good, huh?


  1. I get a smile looking at this post - first of all - the orphan blocks - it so nice they found a home finally (and so "modern" of you! LOL). Its a great idea to just give them their own simple setting. Secondly - I love that you're playing with different ideas with the nudes. I can see where they could work into a nice series - like Kit's birds!

  2. I love the baby quilt -- very "modern"!. And I love the backing, too!

  3. Your leaves are fabulous! I like having the walking lady's behind showing- but I really think having the leaves at least partially covering her contributes greatly to a wonderful sense of depth.

  4. Nice fabric, I like the blocks!

  5. Love the orphan blocks and that backing is great!
    The nudes, I love them. I would probably put the one leaf across if it were me, but hey, it's you and you do what you prefer. :)
    As as Nina said above, I can see a whole hallway of your nudes... lounging in the tub with bubbles, lounging in the bed, lounging on a chair reading a book... oh, what fun you could have with them!

  6. Love the nudes. I like the idea of one leaf partially covering so you get a sense of seeing something you are not meant to see. It also does give a sense of depth. Great work.

  7. You don't see a lot of nudes on quilts! I love yours. And the vibrant colors are great!


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