Friday, April 5, 2013

Freezing Cold - Feels Like Halloween

Can you believe it is April 5 and we just had the heater go on?  In Southern Louisiana?  Where the last freeze of the year is the end of February?

So much for global warming!  LOL.  Al Bore should be hiding his head!

I was going to ride my bike to the Hospice meeting for my mother at noon.  But I think I will drive!   Brrrr!  When the front came though two days ago, it rained about 2 1/4 inches.  The winds were straight line winds about 50 mph, those are the most damaging but they are not tornadic.  It blew 4 branches out of my trees in the back yard.  And one was about 35 feet long!

What a perfectly awful day to be working today on the Ami Simms Halloween quilt.  I took her class about 3 years ago and learned how to use her ruler that gives you the wonderful whirly gig pattern.  I made so many of these Halloween blocks I have enough for a table runner as well.  Two if I used only 4 each!  Yes, more people to spread the love to!

Three more things to put into the pile to be quilted in the June Quilt Your Quilts Challenge.  I have not heard from anyone interested in joining us.  Nice prizes.  Maybe a million dollars worth of quilting advice!  I will pull some things together and see if it kicks your butt into action.  You know you really need to get those things quilted, now is the time to join in!

I finished the top at quarter to five, which is perfect timing because the dogs get fed at five regardless of what is going on.  DiNozzo is the self-appointed alarm that becomes increasingly louder and more irritating if ignored.

Off to eat tamales tonight!  Yeah!  Anyone interested in joining me?


  1. we finally have a nice day today but our heat has been going on off and on all spring - only a couple days here and there where it hasn't come on at night at least! Maybe we will get by without the AC on as much this summer - one can hope.

  2. Oh yeah, tamales sound wonderful. I'm on my way, should be there sometime about 2 days from now!

    I'd love to join you, but I have no long arm and can't do much on the Bernina, it's got a teensy tiny harp. :( Of course, if someone has a set up they'd like to send me, I have a ton of stuff I could quilt!

  3. Tamales sound perfect on a cold spring evening. I'm planning to make soup ... because our spring has become a little chilly, too. I have an Ami Twister Sister quilt that I plan to bind this weekend. I like your Halloween version.


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