Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Future Husband - Oh... Yes!

Hey, gals, I want to introduce you to my future husband.  I am now trying to figure out a way to get rid of my current husband.  This new guy, he is a really great guy, just check him out!

Don't you want one like him too??????

Stash reduction report as follows:

used this week -1.33
Used April -4.58
added this week 0
added april 0
used YTD -48.33
added YTD 23.25
stash reduction -25.08

The small bit of usage is from the left over blocks of the Halloween Quilt that I made into two table runners that will be quilted in June in the Quilt Your Quilt Challenge.

I have a bit of usage with the Nude Walking Her Dog piece, but it is pretty small right now and I want to use the panel in a purse.  So I will wait and count the purse all at once.

ANNE - You there in the desert?  You want to do the purse together?  I'll introduce you to my new  guy....................LOL


  1. He is cute! But I already have one who will fold and organize fabric, gives me money to buy fabric, will travel to shops and guild meetings, and sit outside a quilt shop for hours waiting while I pet fabric and then come out with just a free pattern. He also brings lunch to J&B and helps stack fabric there. Only problem is after he organizes I can't find a thing. Oh, and he cleans the house. He's a Keeper and unique!

  2. Only if we can clone your new guy. He's got a great job too!
    I'd just like someone to come in 4 times a year and clean my house for me and organize both my sewing rooms and ...... yeah, dream on!!

  3. yes Ryan is quite handy - here is my fav one of him - - still can he help you remodel your studio?? I guess I"ll have to keep my hubby!

  4. I think your new guy is cute, but I like what Charlene S guy can do. He's the type I need! lol

  5. Not sure I could cope with a new husband. It's taken me 40 odd years to train this one and I don't think I could start again. But he looks great.....


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