Monday, April 29, 2013

I Have to Do Something BIG!

I have to do something big.  Really big.  I have the start of another nude, which I think will go on the front of a purse.  Yes. I am confident enough to put a nude on my purse and walk about town! LOL.

And, as Anne points out, she has points!  LOL.  I am anxious to see what Anne comes up with for her nude.  Maybe lounging in the desert sunset, with a greyhound by her side!

I love the dog I did here.  I took a picture of DiNozzo walking away, which wasn't easy, believe you me.  They never want to leave me alone........and I cropped it, and blew it up to desired size.  I printed it in black and white.  I love the way it turned out!  Just love it!  I may have to give up Nudes for Dogs!

While I was at Hancock's yesterday waiting for Press and Ann for dinner, I found a marking pen and eraser that I will try.  I need to
make the lines to quilt upon that will define the figures.  Like her butt and DiNozzo's butt, yes he will have a butt too!

And the big think I need to work on is getting the Halloween quilt basted and the Mystery quilt basted and the other Mystery quilt finished.

That ought to kill about 150 yards of material as they are all huge quilts!  I told ya, BIG

Remember the blue Bunting I caught at the bird feeder when I got rid of the pesky rodents squirrels?  Well, I took a Craftsy class and learned how to pixelate a photo in     Excel of all places.  Amazing.

So you should see that quilt grow and expand in time.  In the future, in the future.


  1. What a variety of projects. They're all great!

  2. Pixelate in Excel? I need to know how! I need to started getting my quilt tops pin basted for the big June quilt thrown down get your UFO's done contest. That would be a lot of square inches in those three big quilts you need to get done!

  3. Interesting. I had not thought of pixelating a photo in excel.

  4. Love your quilts and ideas. The pixelated class on Crafty was a very good investment. I've watched it several times with ideas of trying something very soon.
    Can't wait to see how your projects turn out!!


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