Friday, April 26, 2013

Off the Wall Friday - Nude Walking DiNozzo

She is taking her dog for a walk in the woods.  He loves being in the woods with all the wonderful smells.  She enjoys seeing him alert to animals as they scamper out of their way.  She is fit from all the walking they do, it seems like every weekend the pair can be seen walking on the woodland path together.
And her cute butt (don't you just love butts on quilts?) is rivaled only by his!

I should put a poop bag in her hands!

The background was a bit of a thing to do, but I think I have it down.  

And the pair sees a bit large for the background, but hey, it is my interpretation of things!

How do they look so far?  It sure does look like DiNozzo!

I am hooking up with Nina-Marie at her Creations Blog.  Check out what my cohorts are doing!


  1. its funny how butts capture the attention of the viewer. I remember when I exhibited the Bathing Beauties - there was more than one reference to how round their bottoms were - LOL!! love how you've found a series that has captured your attention!

  2. I thought of the pop bag too , first thought! Lol! But then she's on the woods , nobody looking ;-)


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