Friday, April 26, 2013

Can a Sewing Space be TOO Clean?

Not that mine is in any way in danger of being near that potential problem.  I wanted to start on the Handbag with the Nude but I can't for the life of me find the darned magazine I used for the  pattern.

I had it in my hands and I said, plain as day, "I will put this HERE so I won't lose it in the CLEANING of the quilt room."

Now, who knows where HERE is?  Certainly not me!  I have looked in all the places I would think it would be.  And then several more.

While I was looking I noticed McGee chewing on my needle case.  OMG!  I rushed over and found  about half the needles.  So I called the vet and tossed him in the car.  I can't make him throw up needles!

They x-rayed him.  And luckily didn't find any inside of him.  But I don't know where the rest are. I don't think DiNozzo would eat any, certainly.  McGee was the one who had it.  Once again, I saved that dog's life.

Now I am home again and looking for my book once more.

I did find it, so that is the second good thing since lunch.  I had lunch with Ann so that was good.  So I guess it was the third good thing today.  Now I am going to look for fabric to pull together.

Anne, are you ready to work on the purse?  I can walk it through with you if you want.

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  1. Monday or Tuesday for sure, I'm marking my calendar! I HAVE to sew 12 hours tomorrow and probably at least 8 or son on Sunday!
    I'll email! ;)
    And yes, you are going ot have to hold my hand through this!


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