Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Off the Wall Delayed a Bit

I spent the morning doing bathrooms and cleaning the cat box in preparation for new litter.  It is amazing how long it takes.  I have always had a housekeeper and doing it myself is a drag.  I loved my housekeeper, she did such a wonderful job and was like a member of my family.  When she retired I just didn't want anyone else in there.

I have to tell PattyA about our trip to Los Angeles, CA.  I still chuckle when I see the type of painting that Rothko does.  Our trip to the museum was to see the Klimt paintings recently brought back to the US from German bondage.   Carrie was with us, it was our last vacation as a family with her before she went off to college and life on her own.  Carrie, of course, is very modern, very contemporary and very much an artist.  She does beautiful work.  I will have to show you some of them some time.


We are in the  Museum of Modern/Contemporary Art or some such name, and I saw this huge canvas painted red with a thin thin thin line of khaki color running through it.  I said to her, I could do that.  She got all fluffled up and informed me that there was no way I could do that, there was so much more that went into a painting then I ever knew and it was an incredible work of art.


So the next few paintings were looked at, and there was a huge canvas with a series of thin thin thin white lines running through it.  Not learning my lesson, I said, hey, I could do that one too!  When I was set upon again by the girl, telling me how it is painstaking to mix the correct paint, to know what color to put where, to understand art so deeply that one thin line moves the artist to another dimension and saves the world from nuclear warfare and brings peace forever and ever.


We went into the next room where there was a reclining figure of a woman birthing infants from her underarms.

I didn't say a word.............

PS - the Klimts were amazing and I want to make a quilt out of one of them one day.


  1. I have said the same things to myself - I could do that! But as the saying goes you didn't and they did! LOL! Carrie would scold me because I don't see the deep meaning of art. I just think it's pretty!

  2. Oh come on Glen, we know you could totally give birth from your armpits!

  3. I'm sorry but his painting look like my piece of cardboard after I've finished spraying painting stuff. lol

  4. THAT'S who Kaffe Fassett's fabrics remind me of! Klimt! Especially his patterns called paperweight and Roman glass. Look them up. You'll see! Thanks for the name. And yes, any Klimt piece would make a great quilt.


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