Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stash Report - What To Do????

I really really really wanted to use up some stash this week.  I am also debating whether to count that 32 yards of vintage fabrics, from Aunt Evelyn's stash.  I am doing so well without the addition!  (I guess that word should be addiction, I am sitting here trying to rationalize it.)

Anne of Quilting in the Desert, as opposed to quilting with dessert as I often do, has decided we should do purses with the nude on it.  I thought it could become a book, and my claim to fame and millions of dollars as a designer.  So I am working on that.

I REALLY need to clean up my room, and not write a book.

All I did this week was to put together that baby quilt with the two orphan blocks and the Alexander Henry's Coconut Grove backing.  I also put together the Ami Simms Twisted Sister Halloween Quilt and am currently piecing the back together, but I haven't counted that yet.

So my Stash report is pathetic.........see, it looks so good without that vintage fabric!  I would be -10 with it added.  Do you think I can overcome?

used this week -2.5
Used April -2.5
added this week 0
added april 0
used YTD -46
added YTD 23.25
stash reduction -22.75


  1. Well, you didn't pay for it, it was free. It's not current fabric, it's classic or maybe even antique fabric.
    Oh, I have a solution... send me 32 yards of stash fabric (I'm not doing the stash reduction thing!) and then add in the 32 yards that was given to you and BOOM, it's all good!

  2. I think you can go either way on counting it or not. Do what you are most comfortable with.


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