Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mad Happy at the Giving Quilt Show

Look at the blocks in here! Fantastic placement

The giving Quilt Show was organized by a group of philanthropic quilters who wanted to be the clearinghouse for quilts made for charity.  They collect them all year, issue charitable donation receipts, and then put on a show.  The quilts are then given to the various charities, most of them right at the show on Sunday afternoon!
This was a first place winner.

You designate the charity and they make sure it gets there.  This year thy have over 540 quilt that have been donated specifically for this show.  Charities include Quilts of Valor, local hospitals, foster agencies, CASA, the orphanage in Southern Louisiana, various hospices, and so many more.

I loved this one when she showed it at guild
Check out the site at The Giving Quilt - they have pictures of last year's quilts if you want to see some ideas, or like looking at quilts!

There is a viewers choice, and several other awards.  A challenge is issued each year and guilds participate with their own challenges on the theme.  This year it was to use a specific fabric.
A couple of string quilts 

I wanted to see the demo on using the paint sticks, and maybe
 pick up a ruler if they had them for sale.  I want a Squedge.  And I don't' want to pay $24 for one.  I might just wait till someone gets tired of theirs and sells it on Ebay!  Charlene ruined me and has me wanting one.

Here are some of my photos from the show.  The next group is an exhibit from my CFAL Group of fiber artists.  This is the large group not the small one I am with.  The kimono is by Michael Young, an incredible artist in many styles, but he loves orientals.  He does the most unbelievable work, he is the most talented person I know and I respect his work tremendously.  He is always willing to share his knowledge and help you  with something.  So wonderful to just know him.
Michael's oriental panels
Oil fields abound around here,
yes, right by your house too

Look at the texture, is this not wonderful!
Michael's Kimono 
Michael's Kimono back

Color, what can I say!

There are 4 of these silos on the
show grounds.  Aren't they
wonderful?  Someone should
make them into a quilt!

Back to the quilt show quilts for charity.
The Cats won first place at our guild challenge,
remember it from my retreat?

Great use of scraps
This one grabbed me, I really love grey and pink 


  1. I think this is great, so often I see quilts that are made for charities made out of fabric that the quilter hates and a very easy pattern with no thought given to it. Made because they feel they should but not because they want to do their best.

  2. Some of those quilts are wonderful! And I can see why a charity would love to have them donated. But how does a charity use an art quilt or a mini quilt?
    I agree with Karen (up yonder) that so many times charity quilts are boring and little if any imagination was used to make them and it's very nice to see beautiful quilts that have been donated!

    1. The focus of The Giving Quilt show is community service-- through the organizations that distribute the quilts to their clients; the community service activities at the show; and the CFAL exhibit was included to showcase one group of quilters and fiber artists in the community.

  3. I like how there are art quilts and traditional quilts - its so nice to have both in a show!

  4. All so different and all great! Thank you for sharing these, the cat one is my fave.


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