Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2 1/2 Inches of Rain Already

At some point yesterday afternoon, I had the realization that the tile guys would not be done today. So we scheduled the dogs for Thursday as well.  I am SURE they will be done by Thursday.

The dogs were so glad to get home last night, they did not want to leave this morning in the driving rain.  In about an hour we had 2 1/2 inches of solid downpour and flashing lightening.  This is the system that hit Oklahoma the other day.  Here in Louisiana we don't get but a few tornadoes sporadically spawned from thunderstorms so we don't really worry about that
aspect of things.

Where they stopped on Tues Night
Undercutting the fireplace
But I am hoping the rain won't delay the tile completion.  Tomorrow they grout and put in the baseboard.  One of the guys swung their huge vacuum cleaner hose around and knocked off my horse lamp.  It is the only casualty so far, they have been pretty good about my stuff.

I am sitting on my sofa, which is now in the breakfast area, and doing some Works style hand quilting on the Blue Jean Quilt.  I have nearly completed the first 5 rows of bricks.  There are either 20 or 25 rows of bricks, I can't remember which.  Whatever it is, it is a lot!

But it keeps me from shooting the tile guys.


  1. I think we ended up with about 2 1/2 inches of rain between two days too, so glad it is now past us though so the sun can come out and shine :)

  2. Hope your tile guys work fast so you can get your house back together. Hugs to the poor dogs who just wanna stay home!!!

  3. How many square feet of tile are they installing? Good grief they have been at it for quite a few days! We still have had no rain. It is hot and dry. They keep saying it is going to rain, but I am still waiting.

  4. Your jeans quilt is looking like tiles! Aaaaaaaaaaah!


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