Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oh, My Life is So Messed Up!

Turmoil! Chaos! Everywhere!

Yesterday they got the carpet up, sealed the foundation, painted on the mastic, and laid only one section of the hallway.

Today they finish laying the tile and then Wed they come back to grout it.

I will have no access to my computer  so if you need me you will have to call me.

To make things even worse, the faucet in the kitchen sink is leaking all over the countertop.  Why, this week?  I hve no idea.  But to fix it Hunter will need to turn the water completely off for who knows how long.  It must be a valve because when Frank shut off the under the sink stuff, it continued to run water!  The tile guys need a lot of water.

Two of my dogs are ill, DiNozzo has special food and Chloe has a bladder infection.  Both have pills.  Which upsets McGee tremendously that he does not get pills iwth them, so I have to invent pills for him.

All this being at the vet for days in a row, coming home at night and back the next day is upsetting to them as well.

We will all be glad when it is over.


  1. When it rains it pours! Good grief! I hope things start to settle down soon. It is a good thing at least your eye is better!

  2. So sorry the dogs aren't feeling well. If I lived closer I'd take them in for the duration, might be easier on them. ;) Of course, that would mean huge bills for McGee who would eats lots of things that might really hurt him... ie: fabric!! :)
    When any of my dogs got pills, I put them in peanut butter. And when one got a pill in PB, then everyone had to have a bit of a taste of PB. It was just easier to let them all get a "treat."
    I would go a little crazy living in the mess you are living in, perhaps you should get a room somewhere where you can have some peace and quiet and neatness! :)
    Hope DiNozzo and Chloe feel much better really fast.

  3. The chaos will be worth it in the end! I love the remodel and being in the midst of it all! It's a great time to clean out junk and declutter


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