Monday, May 20, 2013

Design Wall 5-20-13

My eye is better!  Way better!  No one is freaking out and running screaming anymore!

Since the tile for the second wave of the house will be starting this morning, I will not have access to that "wing" of the house.  That includes the sewing room (booo!) and the kitchen (yeah!).

And the TV.......aughhhhhh!  The only one that has the channel info from the cable company, the others I have to guess.  And all my shows are programmed in and I have no idea what is on when on what day!

So in honor of my new floors, I went to Mia's shop and bought the Chevrons and Dots that her "mice" had on sale.  You know, while the cat's away, the mice will play!  Anita (Mia) is at Quilt Market in Seattle this week!  So her worker people put different stuff on sale every day.

This is my haul:

Nine pieces in all.  I am thinking the squedges maybe!

I know that last little one doesn't go with anything, but I absolutely positively had to have it!


  1. Love the fabric! Sounds like you are on the downside of the tile project. I need to get all my wood floors refinished which includes the living room and two bedrooms. It will take 5 days and I am not looking forward to the mess.

  2. Lucky you getting new floors, but the price is hard to pay! I like to leave the house when stuff like that is going on... I hate listening or watching workmen do their thing! :) You get a few extra points in life for having to be there!
    I love your fabric. Did they have teal and orange? *grin* I have to find teal and orange fabric and make a purse... with your help of course.

  3. New floors are a pain to put in but so worth it once they are done. Lucky you :)

  4. Oh you lucky thing - that's a fantastic bundle! Hope the tiling goes well :-)


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